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Can I get your products in store?

Simple answer - no. Not yet anyway. But soon enough we’re hoping to be anywhere that you’d usually buy hot sauce. Know somewhere that’ll like it? Send us an email

How do I store your products?

We always recommend keeping the sauces refrigerated once opened.

How hot are your sauces?

Despite Scoville ratings being a “standard” in the hot sauce world, we don’t really work off that. Heat level is so subjective that it varies immensely from one person to another, and would you know how hot a single Scoville is? How about 1 million Scovilles?  

We’ve done our best to rate them on a scale of 1-10 based on feedback from our customers.


How can I make a trade order?

We don't have trade orders at the moment but we’re working on it and would love to chat to you about it if you want our sauces for your place of business. You can reach out to us.

You can purchase directly from our trade web store or find out more information here. There's no minimum quantity for trade orders, however we do offer two trade discounts if you spend over £133 or £500.


Do you have a loyalty scheme?
  1. Yes we do! Our loyalty scheme allows you to earn Sauce Points which be exchanged for discounts on products. Find out more information here.

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