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A hot sauce experiment lead to a condiment company launched by three friends. With its bold blend of flavourful, spicy, umami rich ferments, it's good on everything! With the main ingredients being chillies we are keen to ensure that we help protect the planet growing them, making sustainability one of our key focuses as well as planting 1 tree for every order.

They’re good on everything.

A few times each year we’ll also launch a handful of special bits that we’ll sell online to people who are as nerdy about this stuff as we are - think new sauces, rubs and other things you can sprinkle on, dip in and baste in. You’ll want to be signed up for our newsletter for that as we’ll drop news of special releases to those on the list first. The popular experiments and special releases will end up in our main lineup, but our subscribers get first dibs.

We’re a team of tinkerers and makers, that are into our food and drink. We enjoy experimenting. Between us we’ve helped others to launch many brands, but thought it was time enough to launch one of our own.

This is it.

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